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Rate all candidates in 1 minute

Quickly rate and find the perfect candidates. Easily search using complex queries using AI. Source candidates using free career site and resume parsing plugin.

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Speed up and simplify your hiring process with

  1. Define a perfect candidate
    Set any parameters: skills, experience, qualifications, preferred cities. Find exactly who you need in a few clicks.
  2. Get the best candidates in minutes
    Our AI instantly sifts through thousands of resumes and applications to find the most qualified candidates that meet your requirements. Forget about long hours of sorting - we do it for you!
  3. Interview only candidates that fit
    Save time and effort by letting our AI do all the grunt work. You only focus on interviewing top candidates ready to join your team.
With you will find the ideal employee faster than ever!

Speed up hiring with our AI solution

Choose talent with your whole team
Manage candidates in a single, AI-powered space with your entire team.

Use a plugin to collect resumes from LinkedIn and other sites. Unlock more talent in seconds.

Find once, hire later
Add candidates to your talent pool once and return to them when needed

Find the right talent in the pool instantly when you need it using AI.

Build Your Own Candidate Bank

Find talent in minutes
Forget about endless searches from scratch! Our tool allows you to quickly create your own candidate database. With one button, you can parse resumes from sites like and instantly add them to your pool.
Perfect for Internal recruiting
Promote and move employees within your company quickly and easily! Manage your talent pool, optimizing internal mobility and career growth. Always have proven talent on hand for every position.
Proactively source talent
Attract and retain contacts with talented professionals, even if you don't have any open positions right now. Build and manage your own candidate resource to be ready for any future opportunities.

Free career site

Showcase your company's job opportunities
Showcase your company culture and values on your own career site. Impress potential employees with your unique benefits.
All information in one place
Collect and update your job openings easily and quickly. Candidates can search and apply for all your open positions from one site.
Hire effortlessly
Don't start over every time. Stay in touch with potential candidates and inform them about new opportunities.

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